travel on budget

How to Travel on a Tight Budget

There’s no getting around it: traveling abroad is expensive. Long flights, hotel rooms, and eating out add up quickly, and it’s incredibly easy to blow your budget. But there are ways to mitigate some unavoidable expenses. Love traveling but don’t love spending a lot of cash? Read on! Don’t Pay for Too Many Things in […]

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technology in education

The Importance of Technology in Education

Modern arguments around educational technology tend towards binary positions — usually for or against; this “position taking” makes the design of educational technology inaccessible because we’re not considering design, but rather positions. There are few compelling arguments against technology as learning tools, though even that depends on what students are learning and why. We usually […]

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personal finance

Notable Financial Technology Disruptors

The financial services industry has traditionally been a decidedly unsexy one, lacking the trendy trappings of the tech world. Massively hyped concert-like product announcements, hip conferences replete with famous musical headliners, open offices, beer on draft, and so-called unicorn companies have all been the domain of the tech industry. While some of those things will […]

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financial wellness

What’s Trending in Financial Wellness

January brings new beginnings. From resolutions and crowded gyms, to diets, and promises to do or be better at just about everything, January is also, and we think most importantly, Financial Wellness Month. Wellness has taken the #trend charts by storm and, while fitbits, juice cleanses, and yoga classes are indeed part of the wellness […]

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medical technology

Medical Technologies to Be Aware of

Medical technology has come a long way since the invention of eyeglasses and the stethoscope. The broader availability of mobile internet, the expansion of a more affluent middle class, and an aging global population are all driving change in the healthcare industry, and the associated technology is changing faster than ever before. According to a […]

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